Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin

Elsewhere by Gabrielle ZevinThis is a book by Gabrielle Zevin.

About to turn 16, Liz Hall believes that everything good comes with being older. But when she is killed in a road accident, her ‘life’ takes an unexpected turn. Liz wakes up on a boat, with no idea where she is or that she is dead. She is in a cabin in the ship, with another girl as well. Liz doesn’t know where her parents are, or anything- she is really confused. Later, she is taken to one of the Observation Decks on the ship, and sees her upset parents and brother at her funeral. She’s really shocked and scared when she sees this, as well as weirded out by seeing her own coffin and stuff. She also gets really pessimistic, like, I had my whole life ahead of me, and I’m never gonna get my driver’s license, or fall in love, or get married, etc.

Meanwhile, in Elsewhere, Liz’s dead grandmother Betty is coming to pick up Liz. In Elsewhere, people don’t go up in age, they get younger, so Betty is now in her mid-thirties. When Liz comes out, she meets Betty and moves in with her.

On Elsewhere, Liz learns how it’s amazing; here, people can finally converse with dogs, as well as other things. Interrupted relationships can be renewed, and new ones can also be formed. So can Liz fall in love?

This is AMAZING. I know I haven’t done it justice in my description, but it is honestly one of the best things I have ever read. Its… well, can’t put an age to it, but it’s awesome. A friend recommended it, and I was hooked. It’s not too long.

No movie (I wish there was!! 😥 It would be amazing)

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NEW MOON by Stephenie Meyer

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

Second book in the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer

So, Bella and Edward are happy, life is as normal as it gets, but then on Bella’s 18th birthday, at the Cullens’ place, Bella gets a paper cut. Nothing big, but they are vampires, so Jasper starts… trying to, like, attack her, so Edward gets all defensive, and shoves Bella out of the way, and she falls into these glass plates or something, and there’s glass stuck in her arm and her blood is going everywhere, so of course, all the others, including Edward, excluding Carlisle, start running out the room so they don’t attack Bella. Carlisle is a doctor, so he fixes Bella up and Edward takes Bella home.

On the drive back to Bella’s place, Edward is really quiet. Bella goes, did I make you mad? Edward gets really angry at this point, telling her that it’s all his fault, and Mike Newton would be healthier for Bella, and he should be stronger, and he’s basically blaming his existence, because he’s being quite pessimistic and being, like, it could have been so much worse, and I’m not healthy for you. He also refuses to stay with Bella, and goes away that night.

Over the next few days, Bella hopes his bad mood will pass, but it never does. And one day, Edward tells Bella to take a walk in the forest with him, after school. Bella has a bad feeling about this, but she goes. Edward then tells her, “Bella, we’re leaving.”

Bella thinks this means she and Edward have to leave, but really, Edward means he and his family is leaving. Bella gets really upset and emotional, and tells him to stay, but Edward goes, I don’t want you anymore, and Bella (so stupid) believes him. So Edward goes, and Bella gets lost in the forest looking for him, later found by Sam Uley (sp?).  Edward’s leaving turns them both into a wreck, but when Bella finds Jacob…

Okay. Umm… honestly, this was the slowest and most boring of the saga; I had trouble getting through it, and it’s definitely my least favorite. It moves really slowly, and it’s just not as gripping as Twilight.  I was a bit annoyed when I read it, as I was getting all, like, oh-i-can’t-wait-for-the-next-book and then New Moon comes out, and I’m just bored. Ages… 12ish, again, I think. The third in the saga is ECLIPSE.  The movie for New Moon is out.

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TWILIGHT by Stephenie Meyer

Twilight by Stephenie MeyerIt’s the first of the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer.

It’s in the POV of seventeen-year-old girl Bella Swan, who is leaving her mom in sunny Phoenix to live with her dad in rainy Forks. She’s doing this because her parents have split up, and her mom’s in love with someone else- a man named Phil. He’s a baseball player, and he moves around a lot, so Bella decides to leave her mother and Phil and live with her dad for a while. Bella doesn’t really want to go, but her dad really wants her to come so she goes.

Bella is enrolling in Forks High School, and it’s much smaller than her old school. The ‘interesting’ part of the book starts on Bella’s first day. She meets some new people, later to become her friends, Jessica, who is really only there for Bella’s popularity and likes Mike, Angela, who is really sweet and likes Eric, Mike, who likes Bella, and Eric, who also likes Bella. Kinda confusing, but…

So, at lunch, Bella notices a group of people sitting at a table in the corner, and they intrigue her. They all have the same air around them; they all share ghost-white skin, purplish shadows around their eyes, and they are all devastatingly beautiful. Asking her friends about who they are, Bella learns that the more beautiful of the two girls is Rosalie, with long blond hair, and the other is Alice, with short, spiky hair, who is the smallest.

There are three boys there as well; Jasper, the curly blond who looks like he is in pain, Emmett, who is the biggest of them, and the one who intrigues Bella the most: Edward Cullen.

Why are the Cullens so different? They are vampires. But what happens when Bella falls in love with one of them?

This book is… good, I guess. I think Stephenie Meyer is an AMAZING author, and the books are really gripping, but I’m not a huge fan of the plot- it just seems a bit silly to me, if you look at it. A vampire and a human fall in love, get married, and have a half- vampire, half- human kid. Basically. But it’s a good series. Ages… 12ish?

Next in the series: New Moon

For this book, there is a 12- chapter draft of Twilight in Edward Cullen’s POV, called Midnight Sun. You can find it on Stephenie Meyer’s website.


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INGO by Helen Dunmore

Ingo by Helen DunmoreThis is the first in the Ingo series by Helen Dunmore.

It’s about this girl, Sapphy, and she lives with her brother, Conor and her parents near the sea, in Cornwall. Really near their house, there’s a cove, and that’s where most of the story takes place- it starts when Sapphy and Conor’s dad starts behaving strange, and finally he disappears one day, an most people think he’s left or drowned. However, Sapphy and Conor maintain the belief that their father is alive and has been taken somewhere.

Soon, Conor starts behaving really weird. Sapphy notices, and she gets suspicious, so she follows Conor down to the cove one day, and she sees him. He’s talking to a girl, and in the distance she looks like she’s wearing a wetsuit that’s been pulled down to her waist. Sapphy questions him about who the girl is later, but Conor never tells. The next time Conor goes down to the cove, he says he’s only going for a bit, but he doesn’t come back, and finally when Sapphy goes to find him, he thinks its only been a few hours, not realizing its late at night now. Sapphy doesn’t know what’s going on, but when she finds out, it changes everything.

This book is for younger readers- I would say, 9ish? It’s quite good, though it gets a bit cliché at times, and its very predictable.


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ONCE by Morris Gleitzman

“ Once by Morris GleitzmanOnce” is the first of a series by Morris Gleitzman.

Once is about a Jewish boy named Felix, who escapes from a Catholic orphanage in Poland after being left there by his parents. When he returns home, he finds his town empty. A man tells him that all the Jews have gone to the city, so he sets off to go there. On the way, he sees a burning house and is shocked to find two adults and a few chickens with bullet holes in them, as if they have been shot. He also finds a young, unconscious girl, who he rescues and carries with him. When she wakes up, she keeps on crying for her parents.

Soon, Felix sees a large group of Jews being lead to the city, so he joins them with the girl, whose name is Zelda. On the way, he sees that the Jews are being murdered. When he gets to the city the Nazis are forcing all the Jew children into a van. When Zelda and Felix refuse to get into the van, a man comes and saves them by speaking to the Nazis in German, and eventually persuading them to let Felix and Zelda go. The man takes them to an underground ghetto, where they should be safe. In a few days, though, Nazis arrive to take them to a Nazi Death Camp… what happens now??

This book was really good. Though it was quite short- probably only 150 pages- it was still REALLY amazing. Good for 11-14-ish??

Next in the series: Then


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I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

I am number four Pittacus LoreFirst in the Lorien Legacies series by Pittacus Lore.

I am Number Four is a science fiction novel, in which the main character, John Smith, is an alien from his home planet Lorien, and he came to Earth with eight others. On Earth, John is protected by his Guardian, Henri, and is developing his legacies, which are things like extra strength, telekinesis, and speed and agility.

The Mogadorians, another race of aliens, learn about the nine children and come to Earth to try and kill them. The Loriens can only be killed in number order, numbers 1 to 9. The first three have already been killed, and John is Number 4, so the Mogadorians are after John next. When John and Henri learn this, they move away from Florida to Paradise, Ohio, where John befriends Sam Goode, a boy who believes in aliens, and a dog who he names ‘Bernie Kosar’. John also falls for Sarah Hart, whose ex-boyfriend football player, Mark, is a bully who torments both Sam and John.

During the Halloween festival, Mark and his friends chase John and Sarah into the woods, with the intention of beating John up. John uses his legacies to fight them and save Sarah. Sam sees this, and John is forced to reveal his true identity to him.

Eventually, Henri says that people are becoming too suspicious of John so they have to leave. John refuses because of Sarah. But what happens when the Mogadorians figure out where John is hiding?

I found this book okay, but just okay- it’s not great. I didn’t really enjoy it. It’s good for ages 11-ish, give or take a year. The movie for I am Number Four is out.

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MISSING, ME by Sophie McKenzie

Missing, Me by Sophie McKenzieThird in the Girl, Missing series by Sophie McKenzie.

Madison and Lauren are finally safe, but now Madison wants to know who her real dad is. She sets off to try and track him down alone, but when she finds him it pulls her into a crazy world she never expected.

With her real dad, she goes to stunning Esme Baxter’s birthday party, and Madison, Esme and Esme’s friend Wolf soon become good friends. When Madi sneaks into Declan Baxter’s office, she discovers the Miriam Project, an illegal project Baxter is carrying out.

Amidst all the chaos, when Baxter sees Madi helping Miriam 21 escape, Lauren vanishes, leaving only an apple and a cross as clues to where she has gone. Jam thinks she’s gone on holiday, but when Madi digs deeper, she finds out what’s really going on…

What is the Miriam Project? What’s Declan Baxter doing to Lauren? And can Madi trust Wolf?

This was really amazing. When I first found out about it, I wasn’t crazy about the plot, but after the first page, I was hooked- read it cover to cover in an hour. It’s amazing!!!! Ages 11-13.


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Sister, MISSING by Sophie McKenzie

Sister, Missing by Sophie McKenzie
Second in the GIRL, MISSING series by Sophie McKenzie.

Lauren Purditt is living normally again, or not… she’s shuttling between her two families: one real, one adoptive. Right now, she’s staying with her real family, the Purditts, and is taking her sister, Madison, to the beach. It’s the same beach where Lauren went missing all those years ago. Madison goes to buy ice cream for herself while Lauren finds a spot, but Madison doesn’t come back.

Lauren searches for her frantically, but Madison is nowhere to be seen. Annie is no help, so Lauren, Shelby and Jam are the only ones who can look. Along the way, Lauren discovers a huge secret… how many fathers did she have? And who is behind this? Is it Sonia Holtwood again? And can Lauren finally sort things out with Shelby?

This book was great, and definitely didn’t disappoint. Good for ages 11-13-ish… next in this series is Missing, Me.


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GIRL, MISSING by Sophie McKenzie

Girl, Missing by Sophie McKenZieFirst of a series by Sophie McKenzie.

Written in the POV of sixteen-year-old girl Lauren, who lives with an adopted family. Lauren is leading a perfectly normal life, with her best friend Jam, but what happens when she wants to know more about her real family?

With Jam, Lauren escapes to America, because on a MISSING PERSONS site she saw an old photo of herself, and the family’s address was in America.  They escape from the airport, where Lauren, Jam and Lauren’s family were meant to be going on a holiday. When they reach America, Lauren and Jam head to the adoption agency which handled Lauren, but they prove to be of little help. Lauren guesses that she was kidnapped.

But what happens when Lauren’s kidnapper picks up Jam and Lauren? And what does she have in mind for them?

This book was amazing. I loved it, and it’s great for ages 11-13-ish… It’s awesome and the next in the series is Sister, Missing


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INSURGENT by Veronica Roth

Second book in the Divergent trilogy by Veronica RothInsurgent by Veronica Roth

The inter-faction war has started and the country is in chaos. Tris, Tobias, Marcus and some other members of Abnegation are on their way to Amity Headquarters to try and find refuge from the battle. They soon reach Amity, and are told by their faction leader that they can stay in Amity for as long as they wish, as long as they give up all of their weapons and not start fights. Tris and Tobias agree.

Later, Tris overhears Marcus and the Amity leader, Johanna, discussing something strange, and she corners Marcus and demands to know what they were talking about. Marcus confesses that Abnegation’s leaders died to protect a secret, but he tells her nothing else. This angers Tris.

Meanwhile, Tris is having nightmares about how she killed her friend, Will, while he was under a simulation, always realizing how she could have done something else to stop him killing her. This is made worse because she hasn’t confided in anyone, not even Tobias.

Soon, the Eritude arrive at Amity with the Dauntless traitors. Tris tells everyone to dress like the Amity so they won’t recognize the Abnegation with Tris and Tobias, but Tobias’ tattoo gives them away, and a gunfight starts. In the confusion, Tobias, Tris, Susan and Caleb manage to escape, and they head to Candor. Upon arrival Tris and Tobias are subjected to truth serum, where they have to tell the truth to any question asked. When she goes under, Tris blurts out her darkest secret…

She killed Will.

What happens now?

This book was pretty good, though it did get very confusing at one point, and I had to read it a few times before it made sense. Definitely not as good as Divergent, but it’s worth a read.


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