GIRL, MISSING by Sophie McKenzie

Girl, Missing by Sophie McKenZieFirst of a series by Sophie McKenzie.

Written in the POV of sixteen-year-old girl Lauren, who lives with an adopted family. Lauren is leading a perfectly normal life, with her best friend Jam, but what happens when she wants to know more about her real family?

With Jam, Lauren escapes to America, because on a MISSING PERSONS site she saw an old photo of herself, and the family’s address was in America.  They escape from the airport, where Lauren, Jam and Lauren’s family were meant to be going on a holiday. When they reach America, Lauren and Jam head to the adoption agency which handled Lauren, but they prove to be of little help. Lauren guesses that she was kidnapped.

But what happens when Lauren’s kidnapper picks up Jam and Lauren? And what does she have in mind for them?

This book was amazing. I loved it, and it’s great for ages 11-13-ish… It’s awesome and the next in the series is Sister, Missing


@EeshaGrover – Reviewers twitter handle

Get your own copy from AMAZON

Girl, Missing WIKI Site

Author Sophie McKenzie books web site

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