MISSING, ME by Sophie McKenzie

Missing, Me by Sophie McKenzieThird in the Girl, Missing series by Sophie McKenzie.

Madison and Lauren are finally safe, but now Madison wants to know who her real dad is. She sets off to try and track him down alone, but when she finds him it pulls her into a crazy world she never expected.

With her real dad, she goes to stunning Esme Baxter’s birthday party, and Madison, Esme and Esme’s friend Wolf soon become good friends. When Madi sneaks into Declan Baxter’s office, she discovers the Miriam Project, an illegal project Baxter is carrying out.

Amidst all the chaos, when Baxter sees Madi helping Miriam 21 escape, Lauren vanishes, leaving only an apple and a cross as clues to where she has gone. Jam thinks she’s gone on holiday, but when Madi digs deeper, she finds out what’s really going on…

What is the Miriam Project? What’s Declan Baxter doing to Lauren? And can Madi trust Wolf?

This was really amazing. When I first found out about it, I wasn’t crazy about the plot, but after the first page, I was hooked- read it cover to cover in an hour. It’s amazing!!!! Ages 11-13.


@EeshaGrover – Reviewers twitter handle

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Author Sophie McKenzie books web site

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