Sister, MISSING by Sophie McKenzie

Sister, Missing by Sophie McKenzie
Second in the GIRL, MISSING series by Sophie McKenzie.

Lauren Purditt is living normally again, or not… she’s shuttling between her two families: one real, one adoptive. Right now, she’s staying with her real family, the Purditts, and is taking her sister, Madison, to the beach. It’s the same beach where Lauren went missing all those years ago. Madison goes to buy ice cream for herself while Lauren finds a spot, but Madison doesn’t come back.

Lauren searches for her frantically, but Madison is nowhere to be seen. Annie is no help, so Lauren, Shelby and Jam are the only ones who can look. Along the way, Lauren discovers a huge secret… how many fathers did she have? And who is behind this? Is it Sonia Holtwood again? And can Lauren finally sort things out with Shelby?

This book was great, and definitely didn’t disappoint. Good for ages 11-13-ish… next in this series is Missing, Me.


@EeshaGrover – Reviewers twitter handle

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Sister, Missing official trailer

Author Sophie McKenzie books web site

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