NOUGHTS AND CROSSES by Malorie Blackman

So… this is the first of the Noughts and Crosses series by Malorie Blackman. They are fantastic, and I definitely recommend them.

So, they are about a racist world. But here, the darker skinned “Crosses” rule over the pale skinned “Noughts”- basically, the opposite.

NOUGHTS and CROSSESPersephone ‘Sephy’ Hadley, daughter of Kamal Hadley the wealthy politician, is a Cross. Her best friend, Callum McGregor, is a Nought. Their friendship is frowned on by society, and so they remain friends in secret, Much to Sephy’s joy, Callum is one of the first Noughts admitted to Sephy’s exclusive school, Heathcroft High. Callum is also in Sephy’s class, but most of her classmates don’t accept that Sephy wants to be friends with a Nought. Meanwhile, Callum’s father Ryan and brother Jude join the Liberation Militia, a terrorist group said to be aimed at promoting equality.

Callum’s elder sister also dies in a car accident, but Callum knows it was suicide. Later, Jude and Ryan are also accused of a lethal bombing of  shopping centre committed by the L.M.- Callum is expelled from school and Ryan faces death. However, Jasmine, remembering how she used to be close to the McGregor family, hires a lawyer to defend Ryan and he escapes death. However he must spend a lifetime in jail and is killed by an electric fence while trying to escape.

Sephy decides she wants a new start and decides to go to the boarding school Chivers. She leaves Callum a letter asking him to run away from her, and if he doesn’t reply she will be going the Chivers boarding school. However, Callum has decided to join the L.M. against his mother’s will, and doesn’t get the note until just before Sephy leaves. He sprints to try and find her, but he is too late; Sephy is gone.

Years later, when Sephy returns, she gets a note from Callum telling her to meet him. She complies after some thought, but Callum is now part of the L.M. and that note wasn’t sent with good intentions…

This book is great. It’s kinda dark, but it’s still amazing. And I loved it… it’s awesome. Read, read, read, read!!

Age… umm… well… 12/13, I guess.


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Author Malorie Blackman official web site

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