BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

Second book in the Caster Chronicles by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohil. It carries on from the last amazing book, Beautiful Creatures. Macon Ravenwood, Lena’s Incubus uncle, is dead- (so sad) he died while fighting Lena’s Dark mother, Sarafine. The night Macon died, on Lena’s sixteenth birthday, one of her eyes turned yellow, the other green. Usually when a Caster is claimed they turn Light or Dark- Light meaning green eyes and Dark meaning yellow- but Lena’s sort of half- and- half.

After Macon dies, Ethan is getting worried about Lena- she’s stopped writing in her journal and she’s become all distant. She’s even stopped Kelting with Ethan (like… talking through their minds.) and blocks him out instead. And Ethan’s started having these strange dreams which involve Macon and a woman called Jane, who Macon seems to be madly in love with.

On the last day of school, Ethan, Lena and Link are at the lake because of a school incident. After kissing Ethan, Lena runs into the forest and jumps onto the back of a Harley with a stranger. Ethan’s confused, duh.

So then, Ethan and Link meet Ridley, the Dark Caster Siren (power of persuasion). Ridley is with a guy- John Breed, who happensto be the guy Lena ran off with.

Ooh! And at his job at the library under Marian, Ethan meets Liv. Ethan and Liv are friends, and Lena sees them eating lunch together when she drives past and jumps to the wrong conclusion. At the County Fair, Ethan and Lena are talking. Lena’s wearing Ridley- style clothes. Liv turns up, causing Lena to go psycho. The three (Ridley, John and Lena) disappear.

For help, Link and Ethan go to the Lunae Libri, the Caster Library. Ethan hears a laugh and finds Liv, who explains that she’s a Keeper- in- training and knows about the Caster world. Determined to find Lena, Link, Ethan and Liv go through the Caster tunnels to find them. After a while, they figure out that Sarafine is trying to pull the seventeenth moon out of time so Lena has to claim herself early…

Amazing. Read. Read. Read. Read. Read. Read. Not as great as Beautiful Creatures, but brilliant anyways. Age 12… I guess.

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