This is by John Green, and it’s amazing. It’s about a girl- Hazel Grace- and she’s got cancer, and she falls in love with a boy called Augustus Waters, and it’s really…wow. It is gorgeous and if you haven’t read it…well, go read it…

The thing is- and I don’t know if this is just me- I didn’t find it as amazing as everyone’s been raving about. It’s definitely a very heartbreaking book, but it’s not- well, not as brilliant as everyone told me. I bought it on a recommendation, and it’s definitely one that will stay on my bookshelf- but it’s not quite as ‘you will start crying, seriously’ as I was told.

I’m not saying it’s bad, don’t get me wrong. But there was something about it that didn’t quite work for me. I loved it anyway, though that might be because I’m obsessed with sad books. The ending was amazingly horribly heartbreaking, but…if I’m honest, somehow it seemed predictable. But overall, I loved it!

Age: 14-ish.

I’m not going to spoil the plot for everyone, and I’ll end up ruining the ending if I start talking about the storyline. There are some quotes from that book I love, and one of them is “my thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.” There is something about that quote, and some of the other ones, that I love. And though it might not be as perfect as I expected, it was definitely worth a read.

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