The Host by Stephenie Meyer

It’s a sci-fi/romance novel. The earth has been invaded by a race of aliens who call themselves ‘souls’…they take over the minds of their human ‘hosts’ and are able to access their memories. Most of humanity has succumbed- but there are still groups of humans scattered around the world. Melanie Stryder, her brother Jamie and her boyfriend, for want of a better word, Jared. Melanie has been captured and the soul ‘Wanderer’ has been placed inside her. But Melanie refuses to fade away, as most other humans have; she is still present in Wanderer’s head as a little voice that refuses to go away. Melanie throws vivid memories at Wanderer to avoid her finding the memories she’s searching for- because Wanderer is supposed to be looking for information about the other humans. Wanderer can’t stop Melanie’s concern for Jamie and Jared from affecting her, and the two set off through the desert to look for them at her Uncle Jeb’s- they’re nearly dead from dehydration when finally, they’re found.

I’ll be honest: Twilight isn’t my favorite series in the world. So I was a little apprehensive before I picked this one up. It’s fantastic for fans of Twilight- it’s pretty much the same! Because if you look a tiny bit closer, a lot of the Twilight characters are reflected in The Host’s characters as well:

Main character, unable to lie: Melanie and Bella

Jared and Edward

The other love interest: Ian and Jacob

Compassionate doctor: Doc and Carlisle

 A love triangle

 Those who hate the main character for no reason: Sharon and Lauren

…well, I could go on and on. For those who adored Twilight, go ahead! Definitely worth a read for you. For those who didn’t…well, steer clear. Age? Well, they’re both aimed at teenagers. Full of romance and internal monologue, with not much action.


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WIKI site for The HOST

The HOST movie trailer

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