FRACTURE by Megan Miranda

This is a (really good) book by Megan Miranda. It’s about this girl, Delaney, and she dies.

Yeah, she dies.

But she lives… (it makes no sense when I say it like that, but…) because… well, she’s dead for eleven minutes… then she goes into a coma… and survives.

So she dies at a lake in winter; she was walking across it, because it had supposedly ‘frozen over,’ when the ice cracked, and she fell in. Her friends got her out, mostly her best friend Decker, and she lived.

So she wakes up in hospital a while later, and everybody is like, ‘oh my god, you were supposed to die, that’s a miracle.’ Her doctor says she’s back to normal, but Delaney knows she’s not. Nobody really gets that, except Troy. Troy seems to share her weird gift/problem, but does Troy actually want to help her??

(What a cheesy ending line.)

It’s… age 12ish, again… and it’s amazing.



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