Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsIt’s the second in the AMAZING Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.

So, the first reintroduction to magic is when Harry gets a visit from Dobby the House-Elf, because Harry hasn’t received any letters from his friends all summer. Harry learns it’s because of Dobby this has happened, because Dobby is adamantly refusing to comply with what Harry tells him because he says, ‘harry potter must not return to Hogwarts!’

Then, at school, he faces the flying car problems, as well as the Basilisk, a deadly serpent that can kill just by looking you in the eye. Harry learns he is a parselmouth, and also unknowingly destroys a Horcrux. Basically, this book, like the first, is jam-packed with different plotlines within the book; there’s loads going on.

However, I didn’t find this book as good as the first one; it’s still just as gripping, but there’s something a little off for me, and that makes it my least favorite book in the series. Not to say it’s bad; it’s still pretty amazing!! I just found I didn’t like it as much as the others in the Harry Potter books.

I think, though, they missed out less in this book’s film, which made me enjoy it more, and the parseltongue in the in the movie is just how I imagined it.

My favorite part of this book was probably the part when Harry battles the Basilisk, just because it’s the part where you are introduced to Tom Riddle for the first time.

This is DEFINETELY worth a read, if you haven’t read it already. If you have, it’s worth a reread, too!! 😉 Can’t put an age to it, you can read it at any age… that’s what I love about these.


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BLOOD TIES by Sophie McKenzie

First of a two-book series by Sophie Mckenzie.Blood Ties by Sophie McKanzie

Blood ties is about Rachel and Theo, two 15/16 year old teenagers who have never heard of each other. However, that all changes when Theo begins asking his mother questions about his father, who he believes was a genetic scientist who is now in hiding in Germany.

Rachel knows nothing about this; she is just a girl who is bullied at school. But one night she gets a text from her dad saying, “goddess still safe in heaven”. This confuses her, but when she questions her father about the text he tells her it was a mistake and that Rachel should forget about it. He avoids answering who the text was intended for, making Rachel suspicious.

Meanwhile, Theo has learnt that Rachel’s father worked with his own father, and starts to try to find Rachel. He finds her and asks her for a meeting with her dad. Rachel tentatively agrees to take him to her house until Rachel’s father comes home.

When Rachel’s dad does reach home, he says they can discuss the matter over dinner. Theo is feeling really awkward there, and as Rachel’s dad isn’t telling him anything of use, he leaves soon.

Theo enlists Rachel’s help to get him to his dad, but as he has a bodyguard, Roy, he is finding this hard. Rachel comes up with the idea to escape from he school’s disco because it will be crowded there. Theo agrees.

Theo believes his dad is James Lawson. But when Theo and Rachel are taken by a man called Lewis, they start asking questions.

Who is James Lawson? How are Theo and Rachel connected? How are they different from others? And how does Elijah fit into the story?

This book is amazing. It’s good for 11-14, though you can read it if you’re slightly younger too.


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