ONCE by Morris Gleitzman

“ Once by Morris GleitzmanOnce” is the first of a series by Morris Gleitzman.

Once is about a Jewish boy named Felix, who escapes from a Catholic orphanage in Poland after being left there by his parents. When he returns home, he finds his town empty. A man tells him that all the Jews have gone to the city, so he sets off to go there. On the way, he sees a burning house and is shocked to find two adults and a few chickens with bullet holes in them, as if they have been shot. He also finds a young, unconscious girl, who he rescues and carries with him. When she wakes up, she keeps on crying for her parents.

Soon, Felix sees a large group of Jews being lead to the city, so he joins them with the girl, whose name is Zelda. On the way, he sees that the Jews are being murdered. When he gets to the city the Nazis are forcing all the Jew children into a van. When Zelda and Felix refuse to get into the van, a man comes and saves them by speaking to the Nazis in German, and eventually persuading them to let Felix and Zelda go. The man takes them to an underground ghetto, where they should be safe. In a few days, though, Nazis arrive to take them to a Nazi Death Camp… what happens now??

This book was really good. Though it was quite short- probably only 150 pages- it was still REALLY amazing. Good for 11-14-ish??

Next in the series: Then


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