REVIVED by Cat Patrick

After dying five times- Daisy is getting pretty tired of it. She has to relocate each time, with a new name, school, everything- a new life. It’s an intriguing plot that’s quick paced, an easy read, and it’s one that you can get lost in quickly. Revive is the drug that brings people back to life, and Daisy is part of that program.


Daisy, Daisy, Daisy.

She is a typical teenage girl- immature, silly, obsessed with popularity, you get the point. Which is fine for the immature, silly, popularity-obsessed teenage girls who read it; but I’d have liked the main character to be a little bit more mature. I find it a little bit silly that she died 5 times in 11 years purely by accident. As time went on, though, she began to grow on me a little bit- and by the end, I was just as broken as she was when the (surprisingly sad) ending came along.

Back to Revive! The creator has been given the name “God” due to his ability to bring people back to life. Those who work in the program are called his “disciples”.

The plot had a lot of promise! It was so, so interesting. The beginning was so easy to get lost in. This didn’t live up to Forgotten, which is incredible. Daisy’s relationship was quite predictable. But I’d have loved for more to be spent on the program- especially because the entire plot went so much deeper that there was a lot more that could have come out of this.

I loved her relationship with Mason, her “parental figure” for this book. They had such a believable father/daughter relationship. I loved Megan and Audrey. Matt…he’s a slightly different story- his character wasn’t as fleshed out as I would have preferred. I say that about a lot of characters, but it’s true!

No matter how much I’ve pointed out the low points- there are also a lot of highs, and I’d definitely recommend this. Age- early teen, I guess! 12-14, because it’s easiest to relate to Daisy. But you can read it whenever.

I’ll just finish with a quote: “Anger is manageable. Sadness is heartbreaking.”

Not sure why I love that so much, but I do.


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FORGOTTEN by Cat Patrick

This is an amazing book by Cat Patrick. It’s about this 16- year- old girl, London Lane, who can’t remember the past; she can ‘remember’

Forgotten by Cat Patrick

Forgotten by Cat Patrick

the future- she can see the future, search it for certain events as we could search our memories of the past, but she has no memory at all of the past. She gets by with the help of notes, which she reads each morning to remind herself of the previous day, as the way her memory works? Each morning, at 4:33 a.m., London’s brain will ‘reset,’ and she’ll remember nothing again. It’s different… and pretty amazing…

So London doesn’t remember anything of her boyfriend each morning, or of any arguments she had the day before; it’s always a new thing for her. But when Lauren ‘sees’ something that doesn’t seem to be in the future, she discovers a long lost brother, the truth about what happened, and the possibility that she can remember…

This was amazing. No other words. I read it in an hour. And then spent the rest of the night wishing there was a sequel. But there isn’t… But the movie is coming out!! Soon!! This year, I think!!

The age for this… well, 12ish again, I guess. I recommend reading this… multiple times!!


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