A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

This book is one of my new favourites—I love it, I love the concept and it’s executed beautifully.

It’s about an alternate universe where there are four parallel Londons and the protagonist, Kell, is one of the last two remaining magicians who can travel between them. He’s officially the ambassador of Red London, carrying correspondence between worlds, but unofficially he also smuggles items between worlds, and while in Grey London he ends up being given a stone that came from Black London: the dead world, the only world Kell’s never visited. He also encounters a girl, Lila, who is stubborn and amazing and one of my favorite characters ever—and Kell ends up bringing both the stone and Lila back to Red London. Chaos ensues and Kell and Lila travel across worlds, are nearly killed on several occasions, and somehow have to save the world (and themselves).

It sounds ridiculously cheesy but it’s so well written and by the end you’re incredibly invested in all the characters—even the antagonists are really well rounded as characters and the different Londons are so clearly differentiated between that it’s not confusing at all. I’ve reread this book countless times since I first read it and I would definitely recommend it to everyone! 

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